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Staking development model Freeton blockchain
We went deep into the data on staking, conducted a very large study, and tested many models. We want to introduce you to the conclusions of this work and raise this issue for discussion before it is too late! When all the subsidized stakes are in the mainet, the profit from mining will be at a very low level!

This is normal for blockchains that have been on the market for several years and have a lot of trust from investors and the community. But for starting projects, such profitability is too low and does not motivate you to transfer your crypto savings to the freeton blockchain.

At the moment the key driver for buying tokens from the market is staking! And most likely will remain so for the next many months. But at the moment, the conditions are not very profitable and those who want to enter the freeton stake market will have to wait 1.5 years until the main amount of subsidized stake is" out of the game".

If we build the model in such a way that the % of earnings from stacking is higher. This encourages validators, DePools participants, and third-party investors to buy large volumes of tokens from the market. And current validators&contest winners will be motivated do not immediately sell their tokens to the market.
1. Reduce the Subsidy Stake by 2-3 times
- This will significantly increase the % income for new participants entering the staking. This in turn will significantly keep and increase the demand for tokens!

2. Increase Direct Reward payments
- This is necessary in order for the 300 validators who won Master Ludi to keep their prizes in the same amount and get better returns in the future.
The consequence of such changes:
1 - the current 300 validators will get the same number of tokens and a higher return in the future!
2 - the attractiveness of staking in FreeTON will grow at TIMES! And this will attract third-party professional players and their resources to our project.
3 - with increased demand for tokens, their price will growing vastly.
In analytics, we compare 3 Models:
Base Model:
Subsidy Stake - 1st place - 1500k | 300th place - 750k
Direct Reward - 1st place - 120k | 300th place - 60k

Proposed Model:
Subsidy Stake - 1st place - 750k | 300th place - 375k
Direct Reward - 1st place - 200k | 300th place - 100k

Potential Model:
Subsidy Stake - 1st place - 375k | 300th place - 162,5k
Direct Reward - 1st place - 250k | 300th place - 125k
Interactive dashboard
You can select any models and any validator place.
Each selected validator can be viewed in two sections: «No savings» and «Savings»
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